Dear Customers!

       Our company, the Bal-Gór Cutterknife-Workshop is since 1988 at your service with meat industrial mechanical knives and various equipments productioning and tradeing.
       Our products scale include -near the more than 100 type of cutterknives- hatchets, cleavers, blocktables, boxwagons, smokewagons, banks, desks, dishes, pots for storing and for pickleing, ham and baconpresses and the shapes belong to them, insulated doors and windowses, freezingdoors, and many other furnitures.
       All of our products is made of stainless steel, and they meet the strong veterinary hygiene requirements.
We aim to satisfy our customers demand within the shortest time, in the highest quality.  We consider the possibly individual wishes, requests too, to serve the best our customers claims.

With regards:
Balázs Pál and Gór Mátyás

Hungary   H-2700 Cegléd, Déli út 13/a. Tel./fax: (36)-53/313-875,   (36)-20/942-7463
Hungary   H-2700 Cegléd, Szelei u. 17. Tel./fax: (36)-53/310-631,   (36)-20/941-7797


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